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Model Cara Delevingne Kisses Herself Passionately

Oh man, this new Yves Saint Laurent video advertisement featuring English fashion model Cara Delevingne is super extremely hot and sexy. Her full red lips her seductive British-accent voice… um… I just realized I will stop watching porn. I will start watching hot fashion models doing sexy, hot and seductive things.
OK, I think I am joking about not watching porn for a little too much today.
But seriously, this is super passionately especially at the second half of the clip. The part when “her reflection” says, “I love you passionately. Painfully. All of you.”

Then comes the kiss. 21 year old, London, UK, fashion model Cara Delevingne kisses her reflection very, very passionately. I know, she does not kiss hrself literally, but still.
Her lips will make your mouth water. It is not only her lips that will make you start melting, it is also her amazing face and face expressions. She is simply stunning and that is it.

Fashion model Cara Delevingne looks very hot while kissing herself.

It’s funny how different she looks with and without make-up, but what’s important, she always looks hot.

If you are following fashion news, or pretty much any kind of news, you probably saw model Cara Delevingne having some fun on vacation with Michelle Rodriguez.
If by any chance you missed it and if you are starting to realize that the above video ad is making you horny, you must check out the topless photos and the video immediately.

Did I use passionately for too many times? I just can not help myself, because it really is passionately.


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