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Published on December 31st, 2014 | by LickIt


Miley Cyrus Boobs Posted On Her Instagram Profile

In case you are following the one and only Miley Cyrus on Instagram there is a good chance you saw some Miley Cyrus boobs she posted under the hass tag #FreeTheNipple. Yes, these are real and like a gazillion photo shopped version you can find on the world wide web. I am not following her on Instagram, because I don’t have to, but luckily, one of’s users made a screen shot and now here we have them. The really Miley Cyrus boobs. How awesome is this? We have to admit it, when she is lying down on the bed like on this photo, she has some smoking hot boobs. And don’t be too picky here, because we do not like extremely picky people.
Of course the photo was removed from Instagram very soon and it’s kind of a big deal, since Instagram has harsh rules against female nipples. And imagine this post of Miley Cyrus boobs banning her from Instagram… not good for a name like hers.
Anyway, below you can get a better look at the photo she posted on Instagram. Well, it sure is a sexy photo, but again, if it wasn’t Miley posting it, it would not be anything special.
miley cyrus boobs

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