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Micaela Shaefer Plays A Game Of Topless Soccer

German actress, singer, DJ and model, Micaela Shaefer, recently played a game of topless soccer with fellow topless models for her new promotional video. This soccer game happened past Thursday at an abandoned factory somewhere in Berlin, Germany. It was basically a black panties versus white panties game and all in the name of her new promo video.

Micaela Shaefer is half German and half Brazilian. So, one boob for German, one boob for Brazil.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is closer and closer so it is just the perfect time to get a soccer related commercial done.
Get a group of hot models together, make them wear only panties, throw them a soccer ball and let the game begin. Which team won, I do not know, but I know I saw some beautiful breasts in here. My bets are on Micaela Shaefer’s team.
How good these topless model players are, you won’t find out, cause there is not much of soccer in here. There is a little, but you probably won’t even notice they are playing, because you will be distracted by boobs.
During the game they asked Micaela Shaefer which team she would like to see winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Since she is half German and half Brazil she pointed on her boobs and said, one boob is for German and the other for Brazil.
Will there be a draw at World Cup?
I, personally, am not the biggest fan of soccer, but when the World Cup is going on I became one. Currently I am a big fan of topless soccer game and I wish the video of the game was longer.
Is from now on Micaela Shaefer also a soccer player? Actress, DJ and singer, model and now soccer player? This girl you must not joke with. But can she combine all five together? I challenger her to play soccer, sing, be a DJ, actress and a model at a time. Is that even possible?
Is the new Micaela Shaefer commercial finished? I am probably asking this a little too soon.

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