Published on August 13th, 2014 | by LickIt

Masturbation Glove Is Bringing Women Pleasurement To The Next Level

All the girls out there, may I grab your attention please. Here is something new for you, something new for your satisfaction. This innovative masturbation glove will bring your masturbation sessions to a completely new level. Right now you probably have no freaking idea what I am talking about and neither did I when I first saw the masturbation glove. To find out more and hear words from the founder himself, hit the play button above.
Glovin Life launched an Indiegogo campaign for The Glov, where they want to raise enough money to bring this “amazing” glove to the people. Go support them and bring The Glov to the reality, I am sure there are tons of girls out there who would love to give it a try.

It’s time to bring pleasurement to the next level with this masturbation glove!

This upcoming sex toy is made of 100% body safe latex and is waterproof (you clean it just like any other sex toys).
Now get excited because this kinda-weird masturbation glove is waiting you.
The Glovin Life is in need of $38,000 to bring the first run of The Glov to the market and it’s customers. They are in the final steps that require design refinements, custom molds, fine engineering and more.
It is time to change the way we play.

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