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Marissa Mei Casted & Fucked By The Camera Guy

We are used to see Marissa Mei casting new girls at Nubiles, but on this casting day, things went not as she expected. Oops.

She was about to cast this newbie, but unfortunately, she did not make it to the cast. This was a great opportunity for the guy to convince Marissa to do her own casting scene. She is not 100% into it, but it was not much of a problem to convince her into doing it. It was also a very lucky day for the camera guy, since he had a huge crush on Marissa Mei since forever.

Marissa sets one camera on the table that will be recording the whole scene and she gives one in hand of camera guy. They get naked and she attacks his penis and blows it like a pro. Mei jumped in his dick and rode him and fucked him like a champ until he cummed all over her ass. What a nice casting show they managed to film. Marissa Mei also stuck her finger in his sperm and tasted it a little bit. Nom, nom, it was so delicious.

Nubiles sad that this was their fourth casting scene they have ever shot. Being this true or not, the whole story sure is as fake as possible.

But if you do not think about the story, the final project is great.

Marissa Mei gets casted, only that she does not know that… yet.

They also added that this was the last the heard from Marissa (of course we all know this is not true).

Now enjoy and have fun watching it.

How that a hot girl like Marissa Mei is does not have a Twitter? Or is it just me and I really can not find it?
If by any chance you are following her on Twitter and if you saw this, feel free to share her account with us.


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