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Maria’s Solo Masturbation

“Hi, there! My name’s Maria. Do you have some time to chat with me?”

Looking at her picture, I thought, why not. Her profile said she was into solo masturbation. My interest was immediately piqued.

The first time we chatted, it was mostly small talk. Getting to know each other. The second time was video chat. I could see her smile was accentuated by two dimples digging on both sides of her cheeks.

We talked about more personal stuff until we got talking about what we liked in bed and she mentioned solo masturbation. But she’s from halfway across the globe and our time zones weren’t kind to us.

“Joe, you seem tired,” Maria said with a frown. “Can I leave you something to look forward to?”

She gave me a wink and pulled down the straps of her top and revealed her luscious mounds. She had dark brown nipples that immediately perked up as soon as she played with. Then she smiled and pulled her top back up.

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I waited impatiently for her for days. I’d get a hard on each time I remember how she played with her nipples. Two days later, she sent me a message, asking if I was going to be online. And I hurriedly responded.

We had a small talk on video chat, but she must have sensed me wanting something else.

“Joe, are you comfortable right now?” She asked out of the blue.

“Sure.” I blurted out in response.

“Want to see more, Joe?” Maria giggled and adjust her webcam like she did before. This time though, I could see her from head to toe. She was in her bedroom. “I’d like to show you that solo masturbation we were talking about.”

“Oh baby, I could hardly wait for this.” I grabbed my cock from my jeans. It was already getting harder.

“It turns me on when I see you enjoying the view.” Maria teased and undid the straps of the nightgown. It fell off of her, revealing her hourglass figure, her perky but massive boobs. “Do you want me to take this off too?”

“Uh-huh…” I’m seriously turned on right now. Maria’s going to show me solo masturbation live on webcam! I wanted to grab her, bend her over and enter her roughly from behind.

“That’s it, Maria…” I said beneath my breath.

She put her hands on her breasts and massaged them for me. Then, like she read my thoughts, she turned her back towards the camera, bent over and pulled down her panties.

“You said you wanted to see my solo masturbation.” She showed me her gloriously round ass and already wet pussy from behind. “This is how I want you to fuck me,” Maria said with a moan as she ran her finger over her pussy.

“Fuck… yes, Maria… I want it.”

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“See I’m already wet.” Maria sat down on the edge of her bed, opening her legs wide for me to see her shaved pussy dripping wet with her juices.

This is it. I’m experiencing a live show featuring Maria in solo masturbation.

She put her fingers in her mouth and ran them up and down her slit and slipped a finger inside her pussy. She pulled it out slowly and I watched as her juices dripped from her finger.

Maria smiled and went back to playing with her nipples.

“Let’s take our time, Joe.” She said through heavy breaths. “Do you like my nipples, Joe? See how hard they are.” She tweaked the left one then the right one making them firmer and perkier.

“Shit, this solo masturbation is intense!” I exclaimed.

“My fingers are wet from rubbing over my pussy just now and you can see how my nipples are glistening just that little bit from my own juices. I’m getting hot and horny here, Joe. I can see you putting that hard cock between my big tits.”

She moaned and held the lips of her pussy wide apart. She let one finger stroke her clit round and round. “Maria I want to see you squirt!”

“That’s my finale for the show…” Maria commented in a girl’s voice. The show she was referring to was this hot solo masturbation I have never encountered live on webcam before.

She pushed two fingers deep inside her tiny tight pussy, right up to her knuckles. She pumped her pussy with two fingers, while her thumb rubbed her aching clit.

“Baby, let’s cum together!” I moaned while masturbating from my end as well. I watched her, pussy tightening against her fingers. Her hips moved to a rhythm just as my whole body exploded.

When Maria came, I saw her juices squirt out from her pussy. She let out a low moan and slowly pulled her fingers out of her pussy. It was all glistening from her juices.

“Your turn next, Joe.”

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