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Published on May 27th, 2020 | by LickIt


Madonna Wearing The Actual Khaleesi Costume From Game Of Thrones

With a little less than 1,5 million followers on Instagram, you probably are following Madonna. And if you do, you probably saw her wearing Khaleesi costume. 55 year old pop queen is not fan of fake stuff, not at all. What that means is that the costume is the actual Khaleesi costume from Game of Thrones TV show. Can you believe it, this is the costume Daenerys Targaryen was wearing in the show.

Is this making Madonna also the queen of dragons now? She is leaving pop for dragons?

Below you can find two photos of pop Khaleesi and also a video from The Tonight Show. Emilia Clarke, real Khaleesi, joined Jimmy Fallon to chat about earthquake and about this whole deal with Madonna borrowing the costume.
I know, borrowing Khaleesi costume sounds impossible for us. But hey, if you name is Madonna, everything is possible.

Madonna is The Queen of Dragons now

If we are already talking about the one and only Madonna, here is one more photo of her found on her Instagram. I am quite sure many of us do not find this attractive at all, but she does not care. She took the “natural” life, so long hair she will have. She sure does look extremely hot for her age and has an incredible body, but this? Hell no. Please Madonna, do us all a favorite and makes us all happy and shave. I know you do not give a damn shit about anything, but at least give a shit for this.

While the trend is going in the “no hair at all” trend, Madonna took the opposite way. I really hope girls will not start looking up to her. Can you imagine… No, you can’t and even if you can, you must not. Let it be unnatural, but at least it is sexy.

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