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Luna Star Gets Great Pleasure From Her First Anal

Hot and sexy, yet very naughty, Latina wife, Luna Star, is crazy about her step-nephew, Xander Corvus. Having an old fart for a husband, she hasn’t received a fresh, young cock inside her body in ages. Not to mention, PROPER FUCKING! This being said, when Xander Corvus is in town over the weekend, to check a few fine art colleges, Luna takes full advantage of it. The opportunity finally arises to get her fuck holes penetrated by a stiff shaft.
The thought of having a young stud staying over at their place keeps Luna Star awake. It’s Xander’s first night sleeping over at Luna and her husband’s place and little does he know that things are about to get very exciting.
Sneaking out of her bed, Luna rushes to Corvus’ room and works his cock inside her mouth right away. She was in need of fresh meat for so long she doesn’t even have time to talk. Anyone complaining? Not really and especially not Xander. Star is such a hot and gorgeous Latina woman many can only dream about having her suck on their cocks.
Xander Corvus on the other hand is one lucky rocker boy who doesn’t have to do much and gets his dong blown by such beauty. Not only is luck on his side, it’s perfect timing as well.

Hot Latina wife, Luna Star, gets to experience her very first anal fuck.

However, this little adventure soon comes to its end. Star’s hubby wakes up and is in worries, Luna not being around, so she heads back to the master bedroom, pretending she went to the kitchen to get them some water.
The very next morning Luna Star keeps on teasing young Xander, while all three having a breakfast, waiting her hubby to leave for work. Luckily, it does not take him very long and off to work he goes. He finally leaves Luna Star and Xander alone. FUN TIME BEGINS NOW!
Speaking of fun, Dirty Luna invites Xander over to her bedroom, but warns him to wait until her husband leaves the driveway. This gives her just enough time to slip into her most sexy and alluring lingerie she has. Amorous through the roof.
Not really holding themselves back, Luna Star and Xander Corvus go straight to action. A bit of foreplay fun at the beginning, making their fuck parts swell, throb and moist, before they go to pussy penetration. Slow down, will you. Pussy pounding is, you guessed it, not the only fucking these two horny people practise. OH NO!
The hottest dirty talk – in Spanish! – ever continues when Xander inserts his fat dick inside her anus and lets Luna Star experience the great pleasures of anal fuck. This is Star’s first time, getting a schlong penetrate her anal walls. Pappy, it feels so good!
Receiving ├╝ber satisfaction from a vivid asshole romp, Luna and Xander both take a taste of the anal ride. Corvus stuffs her butthole missionary and sideways, while Luna rides it vigorously cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style.
All fun once comes to its end. Xander takes Luna Star one last time spooning before he releases a hot and sticky load of cock cream onto Star’s exotic face.

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  1. PKG says:

    You are the sexiest woman alive Luna. Beautiful face and a perfect ass. Your passion is such a turn on.

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