Published on June 9th, 2020 | by LickIt

Lucie Wilde Is Your Leprechaun For St. Patrick’s Day

This year St. Patrick’s Day was on March 17th and if you weren’t dressed in at least a little bit of green, leprechaun Lucie Wilde will haunt you forever. Damn, I just remembered I had a greet sweater on me, sorry Lucie, you will not haunt me forever and ever. Or sorry to me? I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, this busty 18-year-old sweetheart from Prague, Czech Republic, is one of the bustiest leprechauns. You do not agree? Then I want to see who scores the award for bustiest leprechaun and maybe she gets a price from us.

Lucie Wilde is actually a pretty skinny brunette girl, but mother nature gifted her with a massive pair of honkers. She can really be proud for those, but they just got me thinking. What about when she runs? There must be some really strong sports bra out there to hold them tight.

Leprechaun Lucie Wilde strips and teases in front of the camera. She is hiding her secrets for quite a long time, but when she shows them, you will get blown away. I really was blown away, because those are The boobs. And if you are a big boobs lover, voila, this is something just for you.

Leprechaun Lucie Wilde is no ordinary leprechaun…

(Just one more thing: she even uses a green dildo.)


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