Luba Shumeyko Nude Yoga – Photos By Her Husband Petter Hegre

Never really was the biggest fan of yoga, but it looks like I am starting to like it, to like it a lot, because this is so sexy. Luba Shumeyko an Ukrainian model performing 22 different yoga positions, all naked, while her husband and famous Norway photographer, Petter Hegre, did an amazing job behind the camera making this photo gallery simply amazing and really beautiful.

Seeing yoga with cloths on is something completely different than nude yoga, but not just because we see “everything” (I know this is the one and only thing that gets through your mind right now), but also because we can see what certain positions do to the body. Astonishing.

I can imagine how much work must be put in to get all those positions done (this is also one of the reasons why I am not doing it), but since Luba Shumeyko is a yoga master, she does not have much problems with it.

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