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Published on June 23rd, 2020 | by LickIt


Love Cloud Will Let You Join The Mile High Club

Have you ever dreamt of joining the mile high club, but you just did not have enough balls to do it? If so, Las Vegas entrepreneur, Andy Johnson, has the “legal” solution for your. Andy is founder of the Love Cloud, which is a new service in Las Vegas offering your private flights over Sin City.

How private these flights actually are? Very private meant strictly for your and your lover to enjoy in a romantic sight-seeing flight.

Normally the “Golden Eagle” is a six seated Cassna 421, but it in this case it is a customized aircraft made for your and your lover. Golden Eagle has a romantic interior and includes JBL Pulse wireless sound and light system, Liberator Heart Wedge and Decor Whirl bolster and of course a custom made mattress to make your flight as comfortable as possible. There is also a small lavatory if needed.

There is a securely locked curtain that is separating your and the pilot and discreet pilot. Do not worry, pilot will not hear you, since he is equipped with noise-breaking headphones.

Love Cloud will bring your sight-seeing flights to a completely new level. You can choose between daytime and nighttime flights.

Daytime flights consist of a nice relaxing forty minutes long flight over Red Rock Canyon, Lake Meade, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas strip.

While night time flights take you on a continuous flight over the bright Las Vegas and a final low pass of Las Vegas strip.

Andy Johnson sad that he wants it to be romantic and one of those bucket list things you did that you will never forget.

What is the next level of Love Cloud?

Flying into outer space?

Or what if there is an adrenaline loving couple who wants to go extremely romantic during a flight? Lets say they want a threesome with the pilot?

Las Vegas Weekly did an interview with founder Andy Johnson, so go read it and hear it from the funder himself.

And how much costs this Love Cloud service?

From $799 to up to $1,299, depends how heavy costumer you are. Plus there is a $199 romantic package option that you can add to your booking.

Love Cloud

Above is a nice view over the Lake Meade you will be part of during your romantic adventure.

What exactly is a Mile High Club?

When individuals have a sexual experience during a flight (at least one mile in the air).

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