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Lolo Ferrari – PornStar Who Will Be Remembered For Ever

Are you old enough to remember Lolo Ferrari? Is she still popular at younger generations? I remember when I was a kid how popular she was. Everybody knew who she is, we were all talking about her and her big boobs. I think she was a fantasy of every man. Back then it was not so many porn stars, so you can only imagine what kind of boom she did with her blonde heir and fake big boobs. Older people will know what I am talking about. And younger, I hope I described you well and you can imagine what kind of star Lolo Ferrari was.

First of all, sorry for the quality of video, but as you noticed video is a little old. It is interesting from time to time, to see a video like that, with that old beat and retro, sexy dressing style. She got fucked by a handsome young guy on a deckchair. Later in the video appears another guy and he fucked her too. Busty blonde had both holes filled at the same time! At the end of this almost 13 minutes long video, she caught 2 loads of cum on her breasts.

Short biography of Lolo Ferrari

Lolo Ferrari was born as Eve Valois on February 9, 1963 in Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme, France. She was a French dancer, sex star, pornographic actress, actress and singer. Lolo is a French slang word for breasts. In 1996 and 1999 she appeared in Guinness Book Of World Records. In 1988, she married Eric Vigne, who was a former drug dealer, recently released from prison.

She than started to work as a model, with her husband as a manager. He was also arrested for being a pimp, because she was working as a prostitute. Her breasts went thru 22 enlargements, which is a Guinness World Record. Her bra cup size was around 36T! Her breast implants were designed by an engineer who was involved in a design of Boeing 747.

Lolo was found dead by her husband on the morning of March 5, 2000 at her home in Grasse. Autopsy showed that she died of an overdose of antidepressants and tranquilizers. Two years later, her parents achieved second autopsy, because they suspected that her husband was involved. Autopsy found that mechanically induced suffocation could not be ruled out.

Her widower was suspected of causing her death. He was arrested and spent 13 months in prison but at the end after a second medial analysis, he was finally cleared of the charges in 2007. Lolo Ferrari appeared in 9 pornographic movies.

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  1. Asad Khan says:

    Lola was a historic pornstar .A proud character and symbol of France.I have seen few of her best clipses.At the end I feel mega regret on her untime death
    After her death no doubt world porn list its great and slender asset.

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