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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by LickIt


Liz Dickson Suing Playboy For $500,000 After Being Hit With Golf Club

28 year old model Elizabeth aka Liz Dickson is suing Playboy Enterprise for massive $500,000 for an injury she suffered back in March 2012.

During the Playboy Golf Finals at a course in California Liz lay down and a tee was installed in her but cheeks. Golf ball was put on and balanced and Kevin Klein, the guy behind the mic, took the swing that did no end very well. As you can see from the photo, Liz Dickson suffered a huge bruise on her but and this was “just” the small injury. This bad swing also damaged her hip ligaments, nerves and caused stress.

The whole idea behind this accident that should not happen was that Liz would pose for a photo with Kevin Klein. Liz Dickson laying on the ground on her belly, with her ass exposed and a tee and golf ball placed in her but cheeks. Kevin should stand over Dickson with golf club in his hand as he is going to hit the ball. As wee can see from the video, he did stand over her, but he did not just pretend to hit the ball. He actually hit it and since he suck at playing golf, he hit Liz’s but. He hit it pretty badly.

Liz Dickson sues Playboy for $500,000 for a golf swing

The first reaction from Liz Dickson was not even close to being in serious pain. She was laughing. But it looks like after a few months and now a year, things turned out differently.

She is now suing Playboy for $500,000, plus medical bills and all the costs of the suit.

I suffered a lot of serious injuries in the past, due to the sport and I see a lot of serious crashes, that end up way better than this is. I must say that from the video it does not look that bad. OK, I know that the pain in the but is serious, he did hit Liz Dickson hard, but all the ligaments and other stuff? Seriously?

But overall, it is a serious bruise and I can image the pain she suffered the day after.

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