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Leanna Decker Is A Gorgeous Redhead Cyber Girl

When it comes to super hot and gorgeous redhead girls, twenty-two-year-old Leanna Decker is the name you must not miss it in your life. If you are a Playboy fan you probably saw her already, since she was Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the year 2012. But the rest of us, who do not know much about, this post will get you familiar with her.

Leanna Decker was born on August 31, 1991 in Ashland, Kentucky and is currently living in Huntington, West Virginia. Decker is a proud owner of a 34-24-35 body and all-natural DD cups.

This lovely redhead started modeling by hiring a local photographer and crating herself an account on the Model Mayhem. She sad modeling has always been her passion and she feels super comfortable when being in front of the camera. She added, I never flake and my boobs are real!

Redhead Leanna Decker is the loud one in the bedroom.

While growing up Leanna Decker was a huge tomboy and her brother was also her best friend. Decker likes to roller-blade and she considers herself as a great kisser. Five words that are best describing her are random, happy, spontaneous, sexy and sizzling. Most of the time she is a happy girl, but sometimes her red hair becomes fireish. Besides all the great amazing things we read about her, she is most proud of her breasts. No need to comment.

In bed, Leanna is a loud girl and she lives by the quote, life with no regrets, so neighbors watch out, she will not be silent.

When it comes to modeling, Leanna thinks you must think of yourself as a business that is making you money. You must not take everything directly to the heart and do not let people not supporting modeling, hurt you. I agree with Leanna Decker and this goes well not only with modeling but with most of the jobs.

Leanna is a passionate supporter for animals and she would give up jewelry to save all the pandas in the world.

Above and below are videos from Decker’s photo shots that will make you hot. That hair, those breasts, that body… Enjoy!

For more sexy photos visit her Instagram.


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