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Lavish Styles Is A very Seductive Masseuse

Mark came to this massage studio to relax his body and mind from too much work. Boss brings in two masseuses that Mark can choose from and he chose Lavish Styles. He did not want for the other to feel sorry, but it is about business, so no one will be sad or anything. Lavish takes him to the room where she tells him to get all naked and ready to get the massage done.

She later joins him and during rubbing his skin he tells him about three offers. Mark does not have any idea what these three offers will be about. The first offer, the $200 offer, is the offer where Lavish Styles will let him get inside her, literally. The second offer, the $100 offer, is where she will use her beautiful lips and massage his cock. And the last offer, the $50 offer, is where she can use her beautiful long-nailed hands to work on his cock. Since Mark is short with money he took the usual. But it turns out, Lavish Styles is no ordinary masseuse.

She is a very seductive masseuse and she needs to make money. When Mark starts to turn out to lay down on his back, she is already half-naked. He got really pleasantly surprised and she managed to convince him to pick one of the offers she gave him.

Which “massage” Mark picked, that Lavish Styles offered?

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