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Lauren Elise In “Stars” Music Video By Kat Deluna

I really am not into this club remixes kinda music, actually I can handle it only on Saturdays, when we are out in the club with friends. When I am at home, no freaking way I am listening to this kind of music. But that does not mean I hate it or it is wrong for the people, I just don’t like it, just like you probably don’t like metal music.

But when something as hot as this pops out and it features Lauren Elise, you know I will be watching the whole video and the music will not bother me. Not at all. This is a six minutes long club remix music video for song Stars by DJ Arya Chan, made by Kat Deluna. Smoking hot and sexy gymnast Lauren Elise dances and flirts with you, she literally do. Watch out, you can fall in love, I almost did! Or maybe actually did for a sec or two. Her eyes, her curves, her amazing body… just WOW.

You know what, I will do it differently today, I will not listen to metal music for an hour and I will go and explore this kind of music. Ha, just kidding, but I will definitely press the play button one more time and watch sweet start going sexy in the Stars music video.

Lauren Elise Bio

Lauren Elise was born on September 15, 1987 in Dallas, Texas and she was very active in her early years. By active I mean that she was heavily involved in gymnastics and she spent a lot of time at the gym. No wonder why she has such an amazing body, perfectly shaped and healthy. Oh and her boobs… did I mention those already? I did, but I will now as my last sentence of this comment, they are… the best.

Back to Lauren’s bio now. Unfortunately she retired from sport due to broken knee while training for 20014 Olympics.

Since sport was history for her, she discovered theatre at the public school. She instantly knew that this is the thing for her, so she started expressing her emotions through art. At 18 Lauren Elise moved to Los Angeles, California to become Hollywood actress and signed with JLA Talent Agency. This was also not doing well for her, cause there was not much money in the game at the moment.

She returned back to school where she started studying Shakespearian Literature. She fell in love with poetry. She enjoyed it so much she started writing her own. Her first book, Cases of a Poet, was published in 2011 and printed by Morris Publishing.
Currently she is a worldwide host at live events, broadcast networks, travel shows and television shows. Elise knows how to entertain audience and through that earned herself thousands of loyal fans. Check her Facebook page and see it for yourself.

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