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Published on May 7th, 2014 | by LickIt


Lady Madonna In A White Duct Tape Dress Banned From 2014 Met Ball

Like each year, there are numerous “shocking” moments at the 2014 Met Ball aka Met Gala, formally known Costume Institute Gala. Rita Ora showed her panties, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were the most stylish couple and much more. Currently all those dresses and outfits doesn’t really matter. Only one “outfit” matters and it is lady Madonna’s white “bondage” style “outfit.” This “shocking” outfit/costume was “banned” from the event by no other than Vogue editor, Anna Wintour.
Thanks to Instagram and to Madonna not giving a damn about a thing, she posted a censored photo of her “costume” on the photo-sharing social media. In the comment she said she is going to work on music instead of going to Met Ball. Well, Met Gala sure is not a place for exposed breasts and bare nipples, but Instagram is. Even if she (strategically) placed “CENSORED” over her breasts, you can clearly see her right nipple.
If a ticked for the event costed $25,000, I am wondering how much lady Madonna spent on her incredible and mind-blowing white duct tape outfit? Is the number in millions?
Just imagine her coming to the show as a surprise. There would probably be some serious consequences.
Madonna (to her luck) was not banned from last year’s Met Ball. The queen of pop was wearing only a studded blazer, a pair of fishnet tights and pink shoes. That is all she had on herself.

Lady Madonna is not scared to show her nipples. This is what makes us winners!

More and more celebrities are flashing the world with their nipples. If you remember, it was Rihanna who showed us her pierced nipple last week on the cover of lui magazine.

A few comments under lady Madonna’s censored photo:
– @captncrnch: We want free tits on every social network!!! Come on… Everyone knows how a nipple is.
– @billysturnipp: Pls act your age. An older woman should behave in a mature way. – Reaction to the comment: @siennatgirl: Who say?? Are you god!?
– @andreacanneva: You’r the best thing that happened to me! You make me brave!

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