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Lacie Coxx – Schoolgirl Who Is Driving Crazy Everyone

This video has an old school intro. Mom is telling her daughter that she will not support her anymore if she would not get a good grade at college. She tells her also that she can not go to school dressed like this anymore. She really is dressed like a slut. Skirt is short as hell and top… it is the same as if she would put a tissue on.

Hmmmm. So porn after all is not just for an adult. This would be good and educational, for kids under 18. But what if then all the girls would be looking for a monster black cock?! That is not so good. Let’s just keep it the wait it is.

Lacie Coxx calls her boyfriend as soon as the mother leaves the room and starts to rub her horny, wet pussy. Just a few moments later, comes her black boyfriend and she starts to suck his massive, black boner. She is sucking it for a quite long time. I think she is afraid that her pussy would be to small.

After a long, good blowjob they start to fuck. She is really enjoying and the cock is not to big for her pussy and at the end… you will have to see what comes at the end because I am not telling you.

Extra short biography of Lacie Coxx:

Sorry, but i did not find much information about Lacie Coxx. I know only that she was active from 2001 to 2006. And now she is retired from the adult industry. She is also known as Lacy Cox, Lacie Cox and Lacie Cock.

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