Published on June 15th, 2020 | by LickIt

Lacey Vega Is Wet And Pissed Waiting At A Bus Station

Lacey Vega was found at a bus station wet and all pissed since her ex-boyfriend took her car and she needs to use public transport. To her luck, this guy is there for her offering her a ride. But not a ride to her home, but a ride directly to his home. She loves his apartment and she really likes the view, as much as she likes him. This Caucasian hottie, Lacey Vega, slowly gets to the door and closes them. He “did not” expect this to happen.

Well, who am I kidding, of course he did, otherwise he would not take her to his place. The camera is constantly in the record mode, even when Vega is starting giving a head. This guy heard somewhere that she is really good at giving a blowjob, so he was definitely sicked to finally see if this is true. Is it true? Can you tell from the video?

Redhead beauty’s favortie position is cowgirl position, but unfortunately no cowgirl banging in here. I actually do not care, POV is just fine for me and it can make you easier to imagine yourself being there. Right there with Lacey Vega.
Have you ever dreamed of picking up a complete stranger at a bus stranger and taking him/her to “your place?”

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