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Kiara Lord Masturbates To A Screaming Orgasm

Budapest, Hungary based blonde woman, Kiara Lord, is reading a book of erotic and sexy tales (I just came up with this). It is the words in the book and her healthy imagination that make her hot and horny. She can not be focused on reading anymore, so she puts the red book aside and pays attention to herself. Kiara Lord is wearing a smoking hot pink outfit. Her soft hands slowly start touching her silky skin. Lord’s facial expressions are telling us everything we need to know.

Her hands move up and behind her top, touching Kiara Lord’s perfect breasts and revealing the to the “audience.” Then they passionately and gently move down, over the navel-pierced belly, where she is hiding more of her secrets. Over the panties, her hands move and start touching her vagina and clitoris. Lord starts breathing deeply and now her hands all over the body.

Fresh and sexy Kiara Lord being loud on the couch just for you!

She waters her fingers and starts teasing her nipples until they are all swollen.

Finally it comes to the point when she strips her clothes off and reveals all the hidden spots, panties and top were hiding.

With slow and gentle moves, Kiara Lord continues her masturbation session. From the front and from the back she pleasures her vagina and clitoris. Moans are starting to get stronger and stronger. Blondy keeps on fingering herself and leads herself into a very loud, but sensual orgasm.


22 year old Kiara Lord is quite new to the industry, so make sure you follow her @KiaraLord.

Until the next time, enjoy in a little more from Kiera, by checking bellow photos.

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  1. George says:

    Kiara Lord is so gorgeous. I absolutely love her.

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