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Joanna Mahaffy – Naked Playboy Playmate Skating The Bowl

naked playboy playmates skatelab by jenkemmag
This is kinda old, but since we are talking about Playboy girl, skateboarder, snowboarder and personal trainer, Joanna Mahaffy, it deserves the post. This is actually a Playboy TV preview segment. It includes a bunch of naked girls skating at this indoor skatepark. They all know how to skate, but when they get to the wooden bowl it turns out Joanna Mahaffy is the only girl who knows how to drop-in. Not just drop-in, she actually knows how to ride the bowl and he kills it.

When Jenkem magazine posted this video on the website they got a lot of questions who the girl at the end of the video is. After some heavy searching, they found Joanna. They also managed to reach to her to ask her some questions and she was kind enough to answer them. They chat about this Playboy video, the other models, how she got into skateboarding and more. Read the interview now.

Mini Joanna Mahaffy Bio

Joanna was born on February 10, 1984 in Placerville, California to Elisabeth and Dwight Mahaffy. She is an actress and a model and loves doing and trying out new things and new sports. She resides in Beverly Hills, California. She attended Westmont College and also played on their soccer team for a year. That year they won National Championship. Looks like Joanna Mahaffy was a really good addition to the team. The year after she started competing in snowboarding and was doing really good in cross and slalom. She was actually really killing it and earned all-American honours in border-cross and slope-style. Sierra Nevada College saw here and offered her a snowboarding scholarship. Unfortunately things didn’t went as planned for Joanna. She had several knee injuries that lead into three surgeries.

Besides snowboarding, this girl is capable of pretty much anything. She can play basketball, she can ran miles, she is really good at gymnastics, can play water polo, volleyball, slateboard and much more. Do not joke with Joanna Mahaffy, she is an all around girl. Besides sports and stuff, she also likes fashion, art and ass you see above, modelling.

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    She’s a former porn actress

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