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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids If They Now Any Naughty Words

Jimmy Kimmel got a pretty cool idea from this super sweet video where a young boy gets asked by his uncle to tell him all the bad / naughty words he knows. It turned out kid know some pretty damn good one and some, that I am 100% sure you haven’t heard before. Buttteeth? Buttnose? I never heard those before, especially the buttteeth one and I think I would start using it. It would be so much fun.

Anyways, back to the story. So, Jimmy Kimmel got this idea and sent a camera to Hollywood Boulevard to ask random kids all the naughty words they know. They managed to caught a few kids on the camera and this is what they got. Can this get any better?
There are some really interesting naughty words kids are using these days. Stupid, poop, crack, donkey, etc. Wait… donkey? Really. How cute.

The kid with the hat that do not know any naughty words is pretty much the highlight. He just thinks he don’t know bad words, but he sure do knows them, well at least one. And the one who is pronouncing word S-H-I-T. Well, at the end, I can say all have some super good words, that we should all start using more often and not be as bad as we actually are.

I really do not remember if I knew any bad words at that age. I think I really sucked at cursing when I was somewhere around 3 or 4 years old. I think if someone asked me to list all my naughty words, I would sound something similar as these kids do. But hey, what I am hearing on the streets nowadays it is going out of control. Kids know more course words than I do.

And here is the original “naughty words” video:

Tell me all the naughty words you know. Go!

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