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Janice Griffith Suing Dan Bilzerian For Launching Her Off A Roof

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the title might confuse you, so let’s talk abut what happened first.
33 year old millionaire poker champion, Dan Bilzerian, thought it would be cool to throw naked Janice Griffith off a roof. It turned out this was not even close to being a cool idea. Janice hit pool’s edge and suffered a broken leg.
On Thursday, April 24, 2014, during a Hustler photo shoot at Dan’s Hollywood Hills mansion he decided to make another name for himself. From being a poker champion, to playboy and a guy with a pretty wild Instagram account, he is now also a porn star launcher. This all might sound like a dream, but it is not.
Poor Janice Griffith was launched from the roof of Bilzerian’s mansion into the pool and broke her leg by hitting the edge. Even if Dan being a “muscular” looking guy he is just too weak for being a true porn star launcher.
The video can be seen above and be focused on his throwing technique.
That same day Janice twitted that she broke her foot and she filed no charges against Bilzerian.
But later, it turned out Dan will not go away from the accident so smoothly. Since Janice Griffith lost several job opportunities due to a broken foot, she wants Dan to pay her the money she will be missing. In a TMZ interview she also added that an apology would be nice. Shame on you Dan, shame on you.
Dan Bilzerian sure grabbed Janice Griffith very roughly for her twat and boob, but it looks like she was not complaining. Not at all actually. She was there in the air with a nice smile on her face being ready for the launch.
It actually really surprises me she is now suing him, since I think this is both of their fault. And egspecially, since it just does not look she is forced into it. But hey, I am no judge here, I just know, for myself, I would not sue anyone for something like this. But on the other hand, if I would have millions of dollars, I would definitely pay for all the bills and gave her some extra money. I would offer her money the same moment accident would happen.

Janice Griffith suing millionaire Dan Bilzerian for launching her off a roof.

Imagine how many times guys over at Jackass would sue each other for all the accidents?
Things like this happen and thank god it did not went seriously wrong.

Dan Bilzerian, you look like you are a strong guy, but it seems like your body is fooling us. Start working on muscles.

Janice Griffith, we wish you a super fast recovery and hopefully, stupid things like this won’t happen to you again, ever.


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