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Irina Bruni Likes Fucking Microphone-Sized Penises

Russian brunette/light brown girl Irina Bruni is very into sucking microphones (yes, those microphones) and this leads into her obsession with microphone-sized penises. OK, you are probably a bit confused right now and so was I. Irina warms herself up with literally sucking and licking this microphone. She is in serious need of a cock. To her luck, a penis, that just has to be a size of a microphone, is waiting her upstairs. Irina Bruni gets super excited about the meat version of the microphone and quickly runs upstairs. No one was joking with her, there really was a guy upstairs, laying in the bed, not giving a damn about anything.

Bruni attacks him and want to see the size of his cock the very first second she stepped into the room. Guy got frightened a little bit, but soon figured it out where all this is leading to. Petite and fake boobed Irina Bruni measured his penis and soon the interest for microphone was gone. She now has the meaty version of microphone in her hands and that is what she really needs. She sucks it and she takes a good care of the “microphone.” Irina is just getting hornier and hornier and she can not wait for the microphone to be put into her vagina.

These two fuck and they fuck almost like rabbits. Full of energy and full of power.

If you are microphone-sized, there is a good chance Bruni will like you, a lot.

A few words about Irina Bruni

Irina was born on April 16, 1991 and you she is also known as Meggy, Tracy, Veronika, Alexa, Gabrielle, etc. Some pornstars have so many stage names. This really makes us feel confused, especially when you want to find out more about here.
Now enjoy watching Irina Bruni fucking and if you just woke up, you day will start properly.

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