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Published on March 19th, 2014 | by LickIt


HUMP 2014 – Sexiest Film Fest Curated By Dan Savage

For everyone who knows about the HUMP film fest this post is a little too late, but for all of us, who did not know, it is a great information.

This Pacific Northwest’s sexiest film fest, curated by Dan Savage, is an annual fest, that was started in 2005. This film festival is focused on all you who want to be a porn star, but only for a weekend. Everyone get a chance to film their on dirty, sexy, pornographic, artistic, etc. five minutes long video. You will find a really good and quality example above.

The best about all these videos is that they are all Real. They are filmed by amateur and no professionals and usually couples, or good friends are filming them. You can feel the love.

The Hump tour already started, but there are still many stops they will be doing, so I am sure you can find the place and date that will suit you best.

20 short sexual and erotic videos with titles like Go, Ahead Pee!, Hot ‘N Saucy Pizza Boy, The Perfect Stranger, Go Fuck Yourself and more were picked to be featured during the festival. They capture pretty much all styles, straight, lesbian, gay, transgender and more. This is not all, all the nominees are in a battle for some serious cash prizes, so it is definitely worth giving your best to film and edit the best possible video.

This is something you do not want to miss, this is something you will enjoy watching.

For a complete schedule, more informations, where to bay tickets and other stuff, visit Hump Tour website.
Do not waist your time and money on crappy movies, waist it on quality and proper stuff.

Maybe this will give you an idea and balls to test yourself as a porn star in next year’s version of the Hump fest.

Like organizers are saying, You will have a blast!

Do you know where you will have a blast as well? Hit up the Sexiest Games and see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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