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Published on December 9th, 2021 | by LickIt


How to sell sex toys Online Using xMarketplace

Sex for a long time has been spoken in hushed tones and behind closed doors. Whether we like it or not, sex has been a topic which everyone loves doing but doesn’t like speaking about it. After being in the adult industry for some time now, gradually over the years I have seen changes happening and people opening up to accept sex, not as a taboo but an act of love. Earlier if you entered a sex toy shop, you could see eyes prying on you and judging you in shame, but things have changed now. Currently, the global sex toy market is expected to grow to $36.1 Billion by 2027.

Seeing that now sex and sex toys aren’t a taboo as before, the sex toy market is booming. So I thought of pinning down some points for you on how to sell sex toys online. In this brief but to-the-point write-up, I tell you how you can set up your sex toy business and sell them online using xMarketplace. Remember, a sex toy business isn’t like your regular e-commerce store, many different aspects differentiate it from a general e-commerce online store. Let’s get right into it.

1. Find your niche

The adult industry is huge and to find your footing you would need to cash on in a niche rather than jumping all in with all sex products for your online sex toys store. You need to research & identify a strong market-fit product that will catch the attention of users before you start investing in sex products. Here are a few mentions to help you decide.

Type of sex products

  • Sexual experience stimulators – Stuffs like Vibrators, Massagers, Dildos, Butt plugs, Penis rings, Pulsators, etc.
  • Sexual experience enhancers – Things like Handcuffs, Mouth gag, Roleplay costumes, Nipple clamps, Feather tickler, and other BDSM stuffs.
  • Sex accessories – The regular stuff like Flavored condoms, Silicon condoms, Lubes, Massage oils, Masturbation sleeves, etc.

Your target audience

You can sell sex toys to specific communities like LGBTQ, Bisexual, Pansexual, etc.

Or you can target audiences who are kink-specific like BDSM, Voyeurism, Masochism, etc.

Current sex trends and themes

You can keep a track of the current new trends in the sex market and sell sex toys specifically for such trends and themes.

  • Fantasy products like magic wand vibrators, monster dildos, etc.
  • Innovative trends like long-distance lovemaking, etc.
  • Emerging technologies like AR & VR smart sex toys.
  • Sexual wellness, self-care, and health products like breast pumps, vegan condoms, etc.

2. Design your business plan

There are multiple ways to go about how you want to sell sex toys online. You can either make them yourself, or you can get them manufactured in bulk, or you can just resell sex toys from drop shippers.

Make your own sex toys

You gotta be creative and keep an eye on the current trends to start making your own sex toys. This method means you invest time and money but you’re at the helm of your online sex toys business. You take care of making the product, shipping the product, and gaining all the profits from sales.

Bulk manufacture

This method powers you to just focus on the marketing and product development of your business. You come up with ideas for your sex toys and outsource the manufacturing and shipping to trusted vendors.

Reselling sex toys

This is the easiest way to sell sex toys online. You source and resell any sex toy from multiple manufactures and sell it at your local sex store. You can also display the products of drop shippers on your sex toy website and then the drop shippers take care of safe packaging and shipping of the products and you earn a share of the profit.

3. Be in control of the finances

Depending on how you choose to sell, the investment and costing vary.

If you make your own products, then the investment needed is high as you need to source raw materials, then process, design, pack, and ship them all on your own.

If you are bulk manufacturing products, then you need to still pay money upfront to the manufacturer to put your idea into production. There are no warehouse charges though.

If you’re a reseller, then your investment will be in the warehousing of the products you plan to resell. A storage space, selling space, and acquiring bulk products to resell will be your cost.

The best and most economical way to sell sex toys online is through drop shippers. In this model, you just need a website and some basic tools, and the rest, from products to shipping, is taken care of by the drop shipper. But be careful who you choose as your drop shipper as your name is involved in case of bad products or shipping.

4. Must-have’s in your online sex store website

When building your online sex store website, there are a few points that should essentially be present on your website.

  • Theme & Design – The design you chose should reflect your brand’s ideology. You can choose from multiple themes available to match your brand.
  • About Page – This is where you can connect with your audience. Mention your brand values, guidelines, story, mission statement, etc. on this page.
  • Collections Page – You can categorize your products in multiple buckets for the ease of people who are looking for something specific on your website. Like Vibrators, Sex health products, BDSM products, etc.
  • Product Page – Each product listed on your website needs to have a landing page of its own with details like how to use, how to clean, warranty information, and other details.
  • Photographs – Each product needs to have clear images from different angles for people to see and decide what they want. As mostly all sex products are non-returnable, it’s better to have multiple images of each product for the users.
  • FAQs Page – This is one of the most important pages of your website where you mention general FAQs like how to maintain your products, and more detailed questions like return and exchange policy, care, privacy, discreet shipping, etc.

5. Easiest way to sell sex toys online

The most economical and feasible way to start your sex toys business is to get a whitelabel solution like xMarketplace and build your store on it. xMarketplace is an adult eCommerce website script integrated with drop shipping API that entails you to start your online business in hours.

xMarketplace comes bundled with a wholesale drop shipping API loaded with more than 70,000+ products. So you can start a successful business without doing much other than branding your website on the xMarketplace framework. Isn’t that amazing!

xMarketplace gives you the freedom to add your inventory, add individual products, manage shipping, and much more in case you’re looking to expand your business. If you’re just taking the in-built drop shipping with 70000+ products, then you need not worry about anything as everything is taken care of by the drop shippers right from packaging to shipping. So, you can just kick start your online sex store and sit back and relax and watch the cash flow in.

With multiple monetization methods integrated on xMarketplace like banner ads, affiliate integrations, subscriptions, etc., you can be sure of getting a good passive income. What’s more is that if you have any specific requirements or ideas that you want to integrate into your website, then the team behind xMarketplace looks to be more than helpful to customize it for you. So, if you have been thinking about how to sell sex toys online, then xMarketplace is your best bet for a fruitful and successful online business.

With that, I conclude and hope that I have been able to clear your doubts and guide you on the right path towards selling sex toys online. Do write back in case you need any more insights and I’ll reply to you in a day or two. Till then, sit back, relax, and start your successful business today. Cheers.

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