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Hot Nicole Aniston Fucks Her Yoga Teacher Holly Michaels

Blonde and hot Nicole Aniston is relaxing on the couch while ordering herself a mozzarella-anchovies-pineapple-etc. pizza. Holly Michaels comes to the living room in the middle of her conversation with a yoga mat. Holly thinks that Nicole needs to start working out to stay in such shape she already is. Especially since she is having a lot of pizza in her life. Those calories need to go away somehow!

Holly Michaels is an experienced yoga newbie and she would like to make hot Nicole Aniston to try it out. After a little stretch, Nicole eventually decides to give yoga a try. She is doing it quite well, but to spice things up, Holly slips down her panties. Nicole is not resisting and together they bring this little yoga session to a completely new level. No, they do not stretch and they di not work out like crazy. What they di is they add some lesbian love-making to the yoga. Oh yes, you read that correct.

The yoga now became a lesbian yoga and it looks like Nicole Aniston is fine with it. Even if hot Nicole Aniston is being a lazy girl, Holly knew exactly what to do to put Aniston in movement. She did a good job and we simply love how this pizza-ordering-yoga-session turned out. Will they be repeating the session on a daily basis from now on? Or maybe Nicole and Holly will entirely skip the yoga and stretch only their pussies. Who knows! For now, enjoy the hot action and get those body juices racing.

From chilling on the couch, to lesbian yoga, pussy licking and 69. This was one hell of a lesbian scene and you should definitely not miss it out.

Can I be hot Nicole Aniston’s yoga instructor?

I know exactly how to keep this girl in such shape she already is.

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