Published on September 18th, 2018 | by LickIt

Holly Michaels Likes Sexy Music And A Glass Of Wine

The music playing on a guitar in here is kinda crappy, but it looks like Holly Michaels is liking it and it makes her pretty horny. If I am honest, the guy “playing” on the guitar and the background music don’t even fit together.

A sip of white wine and a guitar lesson and Holly is already blowing a big cock.

Yep, the intro is short and the action starts really quickly. I know some of you guys like long intros, this one is not about that. But it is definitely about some really erotic moments that Holly Michaels is having during this nice adventure. Big breasts, bushy vagina, brunette hair, nice penis and turquoise.

If you put all these things together you get out something that you could watch over and over again. It will not bore you, not even for a second.


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