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Hi Rez “Pornhub” Official Music Video And BTS

There are young musicians out there who are first doing music for kids and Disney and they later end up being a complete disaster. And there are young musicians out there who are not “faking it.”

I must admit, I never heard for rapper Hi Rez before. Here I am now, writing about him and his song he did for the porn giant Pornhub, titled “Pornhub.” Above you will find the uncensored version and below are behind the scenes and the censored version.

Being a 20 year old kid, surrounded with hot porn stars is probably everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, not many kids get this opportunity, but it looks like Hi Rez is the chosen one. Feeling jealous? I am not 20 and I sure am jealous. Besides being surrounded with girls, he must earned himself a pretty decent pay check.

“Hi Rez, Lisa Ann, Rachel Box, Rachel Starr I love y’all”

This youngster is rapping about porn, sitting in jacuzzi and jerking off in the bed. While doing his thing he is surrounded by many hot and famous porn stars. It all sounds like heaven.

I am wondering how many boners he had during the shot. It sure is not the easiest to film, rap and look cool while so many nipples are staring at you.

Song is actually nothing special and I will not comment lyrics. With not commenting lyrics I hope I said enough.

There is a good chance many of you won’t even hear the music. Boobs are really distracting and it is hard to focus on the actual song.

Hi Rez is still a young gun, 20 years old, but he already made quite a name for himself. Lets see where will the Pornhub music video take him, on YouTube he already reached 150k+ views and 200k+ on Pornhub.

And here is the censored version on YouTube. I am wondering (even if being censored) for how long will it stay up. I do not see any reason why taking it down, but you know when talking porn people get frightened. Are Hi Rez and Pornhub slowly changing this whole porn-being-taboo thing?

Need lyrics?

Pornhub dot com
Pornhub is my favorite site
Morning, afternoon and night
Black, Asian, Spanish and White
Live chat for a low ass price
Mobile app on my cell phone
Jerking off ’till my elbow
Is fucking sore as hell though
I don’t really care though
Bad bitcher with a fat ass
Pornhub in the back of class
And while I’m driving I hope I don’t crash
I like my girls skinny, thick and fat
Missionary with a white girl
Cowgirl with a black girl
There’s naughty girls and there’s nice girls
There’s good girls and there’s bad girls
With pussy I ain’t picky
I’ll still leave bite marks and hickeys
No wifing up just a quickie
Rolling up blowing on that sticky
I watch Pornhub when I’m at the club
Pornhub when I’m eating subs
Pornhub in the bathtub
Girls face down with they ass up
Believe that

This is for my secy ladies
Having sex with ladies
This is, this is for my sexy ladies
Having sex with ladies

Al my independent ladies having babies going crazy

Podnhub dot com
I really love hot mom
And bomb bitches in thongs
Can’t we all just get along?
Spread your legs and spread the love
Only 18 years and up
Everybody loves a slut
If you went on my laptop there’s a shortcut to Pornhub
There’s no ads, no or G-vids with 4 sluts
And this is for my sexy ladies having sex with ladies
All my independent ladies having babies going crazy
Yeah I’m a lover most there sluts are undercovers
I hate when my porn buffers in the covers
Asking who’s next?
Blonde, red, black or brunette
I love every fucking color hair and bad bitches in pairs
Lady’s legs up in the air Hi-Reah

Hi Rez, Lisa Ann, Rachel Box, Rachel Starr I love y’all
I swear I’m the truth, watching Pornhub in the booth

Hi Rez
Via Hi Rez Fans Facebook.


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