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Girl Band ADAM Singing “Go To Go” While Having Orgasms

Dutch girl band ADAM is (trying) promoting their new “Go To Go” song while sitting and having orgasms with this (sexy music) video. I have no idea who or what is causing the orgasms. Is it a vibrator? Is it a human hand? Maybe tongue? Or maybe these girls are just such amazing actress, their fake orgasms look pretty much real.
I really do not know, because we see nothing in the video. Let’s admit it, orgasms from this girl band members look freaking real and since they “dare to be themselves” I believe them. maybe they fooled us really good, maybe they didn’t. What matters is that the promo video is very interesting. Are they singing like this on stage also? Wouldn’t that be cool?
The “Go To Go” song starts with a lot of singing, but the second half of it is quite silent, especially the last part.

Girl band members can not concentrate and sing. Orgasms are too strong.

They try to sing, but they just can not concentrate. Their orgasms are just to strong and are preventing them from putting any words out of their mouth. It’s a great video and if I remember correct, I have not seen anything like this before. Hopefully we see many more music videos like this one. ADAM girls, you killed it and I sure am looking to your future projects.
Orgasm videos from girl band(s) like ADAM is are always welcome.
It was super awesome to watch and I kinda wished this was a little longer. Not saying that I was getting a boner or something, I just really like these girls. Pretty much all of them. Aren’t they just cute, sitting there, trying to sing, laughing. Of course they are and if you think differently, watch this girl band again and you’ll agree with me.

Imagine a boy band singing a song while getting blowjobs.


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