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Gay Erotic Story: Pick up at the Bar

Today’s erotic story is a very short story. Well it is a story about a quickie, kinda ;). Oh, and it is meant for man who like other man, muscular man.


My good friend Klara texted me that she is already waiting at the bar by the river. It didn’t take long to get dressed up in my tight jeans and white T-shirt. With quick steps I floated to the bathroom and thought to myself it’s a great time to use my new Armani perfume. You never know when you’re gonna get lucky. I rode my bike and a few minutes later I was enjoying my latte macchiato.


She was talking all about her work problems and for a few moments I drifted away. With the corner of my eye I was watching some guy, which was playing with his phone. “Wooow, he’s so hot”, I said out loud. Klara was watching me with her mouths opened and I said to her, “he’s mine, believe me, I can feel him ;)”.


I wrote a note that simply said: Call me, Brian. I confidently walked past his table and entered the toillete. I was standing there with a cock in my hands and thinking how nice it would be if that muscular ass would open up for me. I got a hard on instantly. At that very moment he entered and my hard cock sure seemed to cause a pleasant reaction. He told me his address, he was living nearby. My heart was pounding wildly, as he unlocked the doors to his apartment. My god, he was so muscular and chiseled. I surely didn’t mind when he used his strong hand and started jerking me off. Please blow me I thought to myself, and just as he took it in his mouth… I woke up. I came. Hard.

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