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Published on June 22nd, 2020 | by LickIt


Game Of Thrones Sex In Graphics By Cool Material

The waiting for the fourth season of the extremely popular HBO TV series Game Of Thrones has almost come to its end. It is tomorrow, Sunday April 6, 2014 when the first episode of the fourth season will drop. Who is excited? I know I am and I can not wait for tomorrow to come. I think when I am done writing this post I will go to sleep and I will sleep till tomorrow. Ha, you thought I will actually do that? Well, I do like this series, but I am not such an addict.

Anyways, enough with talking bullshit. Guys over at the Cool Material put together this information graphics, or with one word, infographic, displaying all the Game Of Thrones sex from past three seasons.

When I saw the first episode of the first season I thought, oh man, this is just another political/sexual crap. I immediately stopped watching (I did not read books, so I had no idea what’s it all about).

Later my friends were all about it, so I decided to give it another try. It swallowed me in and I could not stop watching it. I admit it, I was wrong the first time. This is one hell of a good TV series.

And yes, there is a lot of sex in it (and killing).

Game Of Thrones sex is so popular people are doing infographics and we are loving it.

The original description is brilliant: To say there is some sex in Game of Thrones is like saying there is some nudity in Hustler.

I did forgot about some of the stuff that happened in the past seasons, so thanks for putting all the hook-ups together Cool guys!

While we are already talking about Game Of Thrones sex, you definitely need to watch the This Ain’t Game Of Thrones XXX from Hustler. It is a pornographic parody and if you can not wait till tomorrow, this will entertain you today.

How popular is Game Of Thrones Sex?

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