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Free Sex Prank By YouTube Comedian Remi Gailard

The French comedian known for his quite “dangerous” and “risky” pranks, Remi Gailard is back with another prank he filmed, the Free Sex prank. I really do not know how much of a prank there is in here and I can not consider if it is actually funny (or horrible).

Pacman, funny animal costumes, Mario Kart, Pigeon and many others are really cool and funny, but this one is a little out of the league if you ask me.

The new Free Sex prank is basically Remi Gailard sneaking behind unsuspecting women and performing “sex.” It is not an actual sex, it is a dressed-up-public-air-sex. Can this be the new porn category?
He seek for women who were picking up groceries, tying their shoes, or just sitting in a park and “free sexed” them.

He later explained that all the women in the video agreed to appear in the final “Free Sex” video project. But what about all those who rejected? How many of them were Really pissed?

In less than 5 days the video already gained way more than four million views. In comparison with likes, there are quite a lot of dislikes. That say a lot and I will check back in a week or two, to see what will happen with numbers.

Did Free Sex ruined Remi Gailard’s classic prank craziness?

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