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First Kiss – Playboy’s Parody With Sexy Models

Do you remember a First Kiss video, which was released at the beginning of this month? Until now it has more than 70 million views! Just a few days later, youtube was full of parodies. First Sniff (parody with dogs), First Handjob (which you can also found on our site) and many, many others.

Thank god, Playboy did  one of those parodies too. In Playboy’s First Kiss parody you will find only super, sexy, hot models! There are 3 couples (6 girls, no boys of course!) and they are kissing, same as in the original First Kiss – just hotter! They all looks amazing and later in the video, they are only in their underwear! Ok, I lied! There is one guy in the video! But believe me, he will not bother you. Just watch the full video and you will see what I mean.
I can not help my self, not to publish some funny comments, which I found below the video:

– ziiip… here we go again. 🙂
– why did I begin, just feeling the bottom of my desk?
– I could’ve sworn, I was wearing pants before I started the video…
– After this…….. My First Masturbation Parody XD lol

These are only a few funny comments. Now GO and watch the First Kiss by Playboy!

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