Published on June 20th, 2020 | by LickIt

Feeling Beautiful With Jessica And Her Boy Calvin

X-Art couple Jessica and her boyfriend Calvin have done it again and they are feeling beautiful. They again filmed something really sexy and hot, that is full of intimacy and passion. Does your girl ever ask you to make her feel beautiful? If she does or if she does not, especially if she doesn’t, then I give you a little tip, make her. Feeling beautiful is an amazing feeling and if your loved ones are making you then even better.

Jessica in the bathroom putting lotion on her body, breasts if we are exact and when Calvin comes they find themselves in a cute pillow fight. They are having a great time and it will get even better when the pillows are no more. So much love and so much passion. Not only did Calvin make Jessica feel beautiful, this whole video will make you feel beautiful.

The music, the scene and Jessica and Calvin are such a good fit in this adult video. If you haven’t seen the one we posted earlier this week, you should. It is pretty much the same quality and I guarantee you, you will enjoy it as much as you will watching this one.

Here is today’s challenge:

Make your loved one feeling beautiful!

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