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Erotic Stories: Hot Summer Day on Berlin Nudist Beach

I love erotic stories and I am sure I am not the only one. I decided it would be a nice and very hot addition to ICanLickIt and below is the first of many more erotic stories to come.

Berlin, in the middle of the summer. Scorching heat. My friend and I were spending the day at the city fountains, the other two were lingering at some fair.

I didn’t want to waste another day,  so I closed my eyes and picked a random location on my map. Fortunately it was one of the lakes whose name has faded into memory by now. We were relieved as we both imagined the coolness of the pine forest.

My T-shirt was already soaked and I was starting to feel a warm tickling between my legs, as we arrived to a sign indicating the beach is nudist only. Looks like we arrived at the Berlin nudist beach. There were only two possibilities at this point: that either my mind darkens from inability to cool my body or I have to reveal my freshly shaved pussy to my friend’s curiosity. I wouldn’t mind seeing what he is hiding between his legs, but to take all of my clothes in front of his gazing eyes!? He had already seen my breasts before on some drunken party, where I lost in a drinking contest and I was obliged to release my nipples to the courtesy of his tongue. But Vodka had already washed the shame away at that point. He called me the next day nervously, the splendid image of my perky breasts was burnt into his mind. “My cock is too hard to concentrate”, was all he could utter. I won’t lie, I found the thought of him jerking off on my luscious body exhilarating.

The intense heat woke me up from my day dreaming. The image of cold water cooling my overheated body washed the shame away. We slowly approached the entrance to the beach and our eyes immediately focused on juicy cocks, firm breasts and shaved pussies. The scent of sex was in the air. Immediately hot scenes from erotic stories start rolling in my brains.

Erotic Stories: Nudist Beach

We found a semi secluded part of the beach. I started undressing very slowly as the shame kicked back in. When I had only my miniature g-string left on, I slowly gazed at him. His eyes were carefully following my every move and I could almost feel his selfless help in my undressing. I started to feel more and more comfortable in my situation and found his arousal extremely pleasing. I slowly spread my legs so he could gaze upon my freshly shaved pussy.

Erotic Stories: My hot shaved pussy

I suddenly felt a great need for a cold beer, to both cool my body and the situation. I felt his eyes fixed on my ass and legs while I was walking away and it felt strangely arousing. I rolled the cold bottle of beer from my belly in slow motion towards my clit and rubbed it a bit. While he stared relentlessly at my crotch, I started asking him, in which one of the numerous hot pussies in the vicinity, would he like to penetrate with his (by now) hard, juicy cock. His tool was slightly curved to the right, exactly as I imagine it, when I play with myself. I closed my eyes and had no problems imagining him slowly penetrating in my soaked pussy. It was just like in all the great erotic stories that I love reading.

Erotic Stories: Big dick penetrating in my pussy

He woke me up from my imagination by gently shaking my boobies and with a meaningful glance he indicated it was time to find a more intimate place. We got back to our hotel room and fortunately the others were not back yet.  In seconds I lied naked on the bed, with my legs spread wide open under his muscular thighs, fingers were trembling all over our sweaty bodies. Just as he roughly grabbed my hair and impatiently stuck his hard cock in my mouth, we overheard steps approaching … Our friends timing couldn’t be any worse.

Erotic Stories: Big Dick deep throating a blonde

He quickly went into the bathroom for a very, very long shower. I simply tucked myself under the blanket and pretended I was asleep. Soon enough I was calmed down by pulsating beats of my satisfied little friend between my legs. To be continued in the next addition of ICanLickIt short erotic stories.

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