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Erotic Massage With George Uhl Always Has A Happy Ending

It is Friday and we are all tired from the heavy weekend work, aren’t we? Of course we are, so we need to get ourselves ready for the weekend and what a better way to get our mind and body refreshed than with a nice erotic massage. I currently do not see any other option and if your weekend will be party orientated, you need to get that power and energy back.
Linda came to visit George Uhl for another massage session to get her back healed and to make the pain go away. She visited him once before and since the last erotic massage session she does not feel that much pain anymore, but she needs one more therapy. Just one more and she will be like new. She gets naked, lays down on the massage table, gets a towel over her bum and the erotic massage began. George Uhl is a little older guy, but this only means he has plenty of experiences. He knows how to get a quality massage done and she knows many other things too. I will not tell you what else he knows because you need to see it for yourself.
But hey, if this was not Linda’s first massage at George’s they know each other quite well already, right? So why even adding a towel on her bum in first place, when they both know it will go off pretty soon.
Maybe because George Uhl is always being super professional at his work? Or maybe just because towel is making them a little more horny?
Anyways, no matter how well they know each other, this erotic massage is great and very intimate. Oh, and it sure is very sexy. Enough words now, so try and relax your body and mind by pressing the play button above and enjoy the scene.

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