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Emma Glover Is Far From Being A Typical Essex Girl

Emma Glover is a British model who made a really nice Playboy debut in this video, made by Joby Rawlins. Emma is not the kind of a girl that would pose nude just like that, she would pose nude only for Playboy and she did.

This beautiful 26 years old girl from a town in Essex, just outside of London, UK. There is a stereotype for Essex girls, blonde, big boobs and stupid. Nope, Emma Glover is not a typical Essex girl, she is smart (she had a degree), she is not blonde, but she has big boobs. At least something that is marking her the not-so-real Essex girl.

Like Playboy sad, Emma is made to be their model. She is tall, has a cute face, sweet smile and simply perfect body.

At the beginning of her first nude shot, she was a bit nervous, but Joby Rawlins knew how to take care of her.

Bio and stuff about Emma Glover

Since her early days, Emma always wanted to become a model. She was working in an office in London and one day decided to sent her photographs to an agency. Boom, 24 hour later her modelling career began. How quick sometimes things change.

At the beginning she started working for Nuts magazine and her beauty soon exploded.

Later she got involved in campaigns for many other magazines. She worked for mags like Loaded magazine, Zoo magazine, Talk Sport magazine, Monkey Magazine, The Daily Star and The Sun. Emma Glover also did stuff from companies like Pabo Lingerie, Channel 4, Harley Davidson, Lynx and many others.

Besides modelling, she also love supporting charities such as Help and Heroes. She met American and British troops and she is proud that the work she does supports them and raises morale for them.

Glover absolutely loves her job and she would not replace it for anything in the world. She loves meeting and receiving messages from her fans. Over the years she met some talented people and other models and she is looking forward to work for the industry for many more years.

Emma would love to say huge thank you to her family, friends and all other for making all this a reality.

To check out the extended version of the above video, and to see Emma Glover’s secrets, head over to this Vimeo link.

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