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Published on February 23rd, 2018 | by LickIt


Ember Snow Is The Naughty Asian Schoolgirl


If there is one Asian chick who just cannot cool down but keeps on doing naughty things, it is no other than Ember Snow. She is a tiny schoolgirl in a sexy outfit with long white socks. Ember knows damn well what she can achieve with her exotic beauty but testing the boundaries is what she has been up to lately.

In class and outside of class, Ember keeps on fooling around, seeing how far she can go with boys. Sometimes, she can do pretty much whatever she wants whereas other times she gets punished quite early. But will Ember ever get expelled? Of course not! She knows how to fulfill teachers’ and principal’s fantasies each and every time.

One of the things Ember Snow keeps on doing is flashing her mouthwatering boobies. For a petite creature as Ember is, those are not that small actually although they look like so.

Anyhow, in the corner, missing only the donkey heat, Ember sits and waits for the principal to arrive. They need to straighten up some things that is for sure! However, once Ember Snow realizes she has him in total control, she does not give a fuck about any of that straightening up thing. She goes on and flashes her tits just like that. Does he have a problem with young Asian, Ember, showing him her boobies? Of course not!

Instead, he sits her by the desk, takes down his pants and lets Ember start jerking him off. That is exactly what Ember has in mind, too! Is that coincident? Indeed it is not. It is just that Ember Snow knows the guys damn well by now. They only need a quick titty flash and Ember immediately knows where she is at.

In this example, Ember Snow gets herself out of trouble with stroking the principal until she experiences a warm facial.

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