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Published on March 21st, 2014 | by LickIt


Elizabeth Raine Will Be Online Auctioning Her Virginity

I heard for girls selling their virginity a few time in the past and here is another. Today I stumbled across this fresh meat, Elizabeth Raine, who will be auctioning her virginity online starting April 1, 2014. Men are also doing it, but I think their virginity is not that valuable as women’s, just saying as seen on the world wide web. If you are a young, attractive and cute young virgin girl hungry for money this can be something to think about. I am not saying you should do it. But have in mind, in this case, all the young adventures, party fun and other games are lost. Choose wisely and think about what is the most important thing in you life. To have fun and enjoy the life to the fullest or money.

No back to Elizabeth Raine and her offer. This petite 27 years old blonde American girl, who has to be a medical student, is still a virgin, but will not be for a very long time. She is a proud owner of 34A-26-36 body and green eyes (only the winner gets a chance to see those).
Before I continue with this post, I would just like to ask this question – Is she a real virgin or is she faking it? In case she is faking it and if this gets on the world wide web, there will be consequences. Be careful what you are doing Elizabeth Raine.

To spread the word about her vriginity auction she made Elizabeth-Raine.com website, where you can find pretty much every single thing you need to know about here. When you will read all about her, the reasons why she is still a virgin, why she is auctioning off herself and all the rest, you will feel like you know here like forever.

But this is good, right, especially if you are the candidate who is ready to spend a shit-load of money for her virginity. Yes, we are talking about massive amount of money and it can easily get to a million something.

For all us immortal people this sounds hilarious and kinda stupid, but there are individuals who are willing to pay for it. And there are girls like Elizabeth Raine who want to earn some serious money with her virginity.

Elizabeth wrote that she will give some of the money to charity, which I think is a really good thing. Or, on the other hand, is “just” a really good marketing strategy to gain even more money? Maybe I am to harsh on it, but you never no.

Below are five more photos of Elizabeth Raine. Unfortunately you will not be able to see her face, because she wants to stay anonymous and will reveal herself only to the higher bidder. In my opinion this is a wise decision. If she was actually able to stay virgin for so long time, why revealing herself. Let make it mysterious.

Elizabeth Raine

If you get a chance to live your life for one more time,

Would you choose the life of a virgin like Elizabeth Raine to earn money?

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