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Different Types of Orgasms And How to Achieve Them

Sex is a beautiful thing, and even though a large part of the global population still feels coy talking about sex, nobody can deny the fact that it’s an integral part of our lives. Nothing brings you closer to a person than physical intimacy, and if it is coupled with a good orgasm, your love is only bound to scale new heights.

While most of us are familiar with the word orgasm, only a small percentage of the population actually knows what it is and how you can achieve it. Did you know that there as many as 5 types of orgasm? If you didn’t, here’s our complete guide to orgasm and how you can achieve them.

Types of orgasm and how to achieve them

Isn’t life all about spicing things up and indulging yourself in the variety of experiences it offers? Researches have shown that healthy sex life is your gateway to happiness. Remember the last time you had a romper in the bed and the smile you had for the whole of the next day?

That’s experiencing pleasure to the fullest, and this smile can become a daily part of your life if you knew the real secret behind having explosive orgasms. So, what is an orgasm, and why is it such a big deal?

Orgasm is an ecstatic state of physical and mental stimulation that happens during sexual intercourse. It is usually referred to as coming or climaxing, which is when you are at the peak of experiencing pleasure as your body responds to sexual activity. Biologically, orgasm in women happens when sexually sensitive parts like nipples, clitoris, the G-spot, erogenous zones, or all of them together are stimulated.

This increases the heart rate, blood pressure and releases ‘pleasure hormones.’ In some cases of extreme orgasms (yes, they are possible in women), there is a spurt of the liquid that comes out of the vagina bringing a pleasurable end to your sexual act. Since it is such an important part of a woman’s sexual life, we must know everything about it. So, here are the types of orgasms and how to make a woman orgasm:

Clitoral orgasm

Clitoris is a woman’s gateway to the world of pleasure. While every woman achieves orgasm in a very individual manner, gentle caressing (up and down, left to right, or circular motion) of the clitoris can make a woman orgasm. Be it through direct touch or through indirect caressing; the rubbing of the clitoris is how you can make your woman shiver with pleasure.

G-Spot orgasm

It is that sweet spot that can make a woman orgasm into an ecstatic state of physical and mental pleasure. It is said to be located on the front wall of the vagina, almost halfway between the vaginal opening and cervix. Pressing this spot gently or stroking it in
continuous motion can make a woman experience a G-spot orgasm.

Blended or compound orgasm

If you can handle an explosion of senses and pleasure scaling heights beyond your control, blended orgasm is your poison. This happens when more than one erogenous zone is being stimulated at the same time. From caressing of the nipples to vaginal penetration, stimulation of the G-spot, and anal stimulation all happening at the same time results in blended orgasm. Remember, this is not for the faint-hearted.

Anal orgasm

The anus and the rectum are very close to the vagina and clitoris and are connected with thin tissue. They share much of the same nerves and muscles. That’s why anal stimulation heightens the sense in the vaginal muscles resulting in an anal orgasm. This is a tough one to achieve, and not everyone is comfortable with it. There are risks involved in anal sex, but as long as you take the necessary precautions, it can be extremely pleasurable.

Erogenous zone orgasm

A woman’s body is a universe in itself. The more you explore, the more you would discover. While her nipples, her bum, and the cunt are the high erogenous spots, there are several other spots in a woman’s body that can excite her when touched, kissed, or caressed sensually. It could be her ear lobes, her armpits, wrists, inner knees, her fingers, or even her toes. And when any of these, along with the main hot zones, are stimulated simultaneously, an erogenous zone orgasm occurs. This one is again for those who like it hard and hot.

Best sex toys to achieve an orgasm

Sexual pleasure has no boundaries, and the better you perform, the more fun it is. That’s why female sex toys have become so popular in maximizing sexual pleasure. They are fun, they are exciting, and they help you achieve the best female orgasms.

Penetrative sex toy

There is a specific kind of sex toy for every kind of orgasm. For a vaginal orgasm, try a penetrative sex toy to apply firm and pulsating pressure on the wall of the vagina.

G-spot targeting vibrator

G-spot is usually located around five inches inside the vagina. It needs a specific kind of vibrator to stimulate this evasive spot. Be bold and get hold of a G-spot-specific vibrator to reach your climax.

Suction vibrators

If oral sex gets you going, then a suction vibrator is your thing. These are designed in such a way that they replicate the sensation that sucking and caressing by the tongue bring. For the more adventurous ones, there are dual vibrators available that penetrate and suck simultaneously.

Rabbit vibrators

These are for explosive or blended orgasms. It comes in a special design that supports the penetration and stimulation of the clitoris. Thank heaven for such amazing designs that orgasming is no more a tough task.

Clitoral vibrator

This can be used while you are alone or even when you are having penetrative sex. The clitoral vibrator enables external stimulation of the clitoris while having penetrative sex, which makes it a hit.

The big ‘O’ is sure a big deal and the more exciting an orgasm you achieve, the better it is for your sexual, physical, and mental health as well as your relationship. And there is no harm in getting a little wilder in bed, all you have to do is add some sex toys to your routine and spice things up in the bedroom. And now that you know which sex toy suits the best for each orgasm, shop it online at, a website that opens the door to unlimited pleasure. It’s safe, it’s discreet and it’s prompt. Choose from a wide range of top quality products for him and her and add more excitement to your life.


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