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Published on June 3rd, 2020 | by LickIt


Dick Pranks – We Support CockInASock Project

This post (Dick Pranks) was made because it is coming Testicular Cancer Awareness Month (CockInASock) and we would like to show some support and spread a good idea. You can read some more about CockInASock on our page, because we have been writing about this just a couple of days ago.

And because these days everything is spinning around cocks, I thought it would be good to do a post, where we could show you also some funny dick pranks.

Have you ever think how good it would be if you would have some crazy idea and you would screw around with people. Maybe you will get an idea in these videos?!

First video is happening on a beach in a changing room/cabin. Girls are waiting to get in and who comes out? A guy with a HUGE boner! You really have to see those reactions! I personally liked the most the girl at 0:50. I had to watch this part 3 times! What a reaction. Thumbs up for this guy.

In our next video a girl will have to find her boyfriend by touching dicks. How well does she know her boyfriend’s dick? Of course she will have covered her eyes, so she will not be able to see guys. If I would not be so jealous I would put my girl on this test too! Would you do the same? I think it would be very interesting!

By the way, I think she knew that her boyfriend is under the “3”, but she just wanted to grab the 4th dick. Clever girl, no doubt!

Ok, this video is my favorite! Guy is a fucking hero. He has big boner in his pants and he is asking girls for their numbers. Actually he got a lot of numbers! I am thinking how many girls refused him and this is not in the video. Did he asked 100.000 girls and this is what came out – 4 Minutes long video? You know what?! This summer I hope I will remember and try one of these dick pranks!

If I would walk around with a big boner, asking girls for their phone numbers, than I think this video shows the real picture of how it would be look like. No, no, no, no,… And do not forget, this guy does not have a big boner! Maybe that is the reason why he got refused so many times! I think most of my dick pranks would look like this video below.

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