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Denise And Renato From “Sex Is For Lovers”

Lust Cinema’s goal is to bring to the world pornographic videos with passion and love and Sex Is For Lover, starring Denise and Renato is a great example. They were launched 2010 and ever since they are putting out quality, yet very erotic videos, that are all female-friendly. And this is what we, at ICanLickIt are really looking for. Something where you can see the chemistry between the couple, somewhere where you can literally see the love flowing around.

Renato is taking a shower in this big, minimalistic and very rock-ish bathroom and Denise is there watching him and his muscled up body. He sees her and both instantly know what they want. Yes, they want to have some fun, they want to enjoy and relax.
But in the end, they might need to take a shower together, because some naughty things happened towards the end. Maybe, while showering together, they will get horny and ready for another round. Who knows? Me, you, they, Lust Cinema? That is the question, but you do not need to bother yourself with that. Right now, you need to hit the play button and enjoy the show. Enjoy the moment and pretend you are there, joining them or replacing Denise or Renato.

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