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Dana DeArmond’s New Pet Bitch Bliss From James

James Deen has a present for his good friend and sometimes fuck buddy, Dana DeArmond, and must lure her over for some afternoon debauchery. Picking up the cell phone, James proceeds to give Dana a call and to his delight, she answers almost immediately. He asks her what she is doing and she quickly replies that she is playing with her butt hole. Dana is of course not kidding, she loves fingering her own ass. See, it turns out that when James called her she was watching hardcore anal porn on AnalAngelsTube.Com and engaging in her favortie pastime, fingering her own butthole! James tells her that he has a thing and that she should come over to hang out because they can do stuff. Dana doesn’t seem to mind how vague and dodgy he sounds and says she will be over soon.


James Gives Dana A New Pet Bitch

Dana arrives at James’s house and proceeds to knock on the door repeatedly. James answers the door and he tells her that he just got a brand new couch. Brushing past him and not wasting any time she pulls her skin tight purple dress off to reveal matching black, see through, bra and panties. Dana then goes straight to James’s brand new couch with thoughts of anal sex to christen his couch racing through her naughty mind. You see James knows that Dana is always down to fuck, in fact, she could easily be described as one of those amazingly hot and freaky girls from DTFsluts.com. However, James has to slow her down for a minute to tell Dana that he got her a gift and he’s pretty sure she is going to enjoy it. He tells her that he got her a dog and it’s a bitch.


Play Time with her New Bitch

James instructs Dana to call her new pet downstairs and as she calls for her puppy it appears at the top of the stairs. To Dana’s surprise, her new bitch puppy is actually Bliss Dulce completely naked and ready to be obedient. Dana calls her down the stairs and she comes ar once. Bliss, now crawling across the floor to her new master, stops in front of Dana to lick her affectionately. Now, we all know that dogs like ti lick, but Bliss buries her nose in Dana’s perfectly trimmed landing strip and begins lapping at Dana’s clit eagerly. Now Dana’s excitement reaches an apex and she gladly straddles bliss’s face to give her better access. Dana starts to grow tired of this game and takes charge laying her pet on its back to rub Bliss’ tits and tight little pink pussy.


Bitches Make Great Anal Toys

Dana then flips Bliss over on her stomach pressing her nipples firmly into the cold tile floor. Spreading Bliss’ firm sculptured ass cheeks, Dana slips a finger into her wet pussy. As Bliss’ little pink hole begins to loosen Dana slides in another finger and then another until she is ramming four fingers roughly into Bliss’ pussy. Dana shoves her fingers In and out, in and out, as Bliss moans in pleasure. Now stopping and telling Bliss to spread her ass wide open Dana inserts her thumb into Bliss’ tight asshole. Loving her new anal toy puppy Dana works more fingers into Bliss’ butthole before turning around and sitting on her back to better play in Bliss’ ass. Dana pushes her thumbs deep into Bliss’ rectum and then forcefully pulls her asshole wide open. Now that Bliss’ ass is loosened up and ready for future play it is gaping wide open like someone forgetting to close a door.


Pets Make Great Ass Lickers

Getting up, Dana starts to walk toward the living room while looking back towards Bliss and sternly telling her to come eat my ass bitch. Being the good loyal pet, Bliss starts crawling after Dana’s ass, wagging and eager to please her master. Climbing onto the coffee table, Dana gets on all fours as Bliss climbs up behind Dana sticks her nose deep in Dana’s butt crack and starts running her moist tongue around Dana’s awaiting asshole. Up to this point, James has not really been an active participant because he has been having way too much fun enjoying these two sluts putting on their naughty show for him. But now, as Bliss continues her tongue assault on Dana’s overly excited butthole, he knows that it’s just about time for him to step in. Ready for play with James makes his way over to the girls with every intention of having his fun.


Time for James to Show These Girls who’s Boss

Pulling his engorged cock out in Dana’s face she immediately slurps James’ dick into her mouth. James knows that it’s time for him to show both of these freaky sluts just who really wears the fucking daddy pants around here. Dana is a cock sucking sorcerer and easily takes James all the way down her throat again and again. However, James wants more he grabs Dana by the back of the head and begins to roughly face fuck her causing her to gag and drool all over the place. James continues to hump Dana’s face but he also knows that even though Bliss is Dana’s pet he is still going to bury his bone deep in this bitch’s backyard. Dana is just gonna have to share her little anal pet with him, after all, he gave this bitch to Dana.


The Dog Gets a Bone Buried in Her Backyard

Pulling his cock from Dana’s soft and warm mouth, James gets behind Bliss and forcing his throbbing cock inside of her ass. As James begins to thrust in and out of Bliss, Dana hooks her fingers into Bliss’ mouth and smacks her tits. Dana, getting excited watching James fuck Bliss in the ass, begins to violently push Bliss back onto James’ cock as he rams her. Dana pushes her with more force each time over and over again. Now James tells Dana to come over and bend over. He then shoves his dick deep into Dana’s ass and she enjoys it so much that she actually cums instantly. Now he grabs Bliss’ face holding it up beside Dana’s ass cheek so he can look at her while he continues to fuck Dana in the ass. Reaching his climax he pulls dick from Dana’s gaping ass seconds before ejaculation. Then pointing the business end of his dick towards Bliss’ face he explodes covering Bliss’ angelic face in thick white baby batter.
Well folks, in the end, James was completely on point with Dana. James told her that he had a thing and that’s a fact and he also said that they could do some stuff which they certainly did.

Dana DeArmond
Bliss Dulce as (Bitch Dog)
James Deen
Author: Johnny Homicidal (AnalAngelsTube.com)

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