Published on July 17th, 2018 | by LickIt

Dakota Skye – Tiny, Petite Blonde Gets Fucked Nicely

I really need to find out who this guy is, cause I saw him and his legendary black button down shirt several times, including in this scene with Dakota Skye. Dakota is a tiny and skinny petite blonde girl who visits her guy for a glass of red wine and to have some fun. While you almost think the action is on, she leaves and goes to the bathroom. She undresses herself and splashes some cold water on her tits to make her nipples hard. She puts clothes back on and you already see them laying on the bad. Dakota Skye helps him with undressing and begins with a very nice blowjob. The guy enjoys it and so are we. She had some problems for a sec standing up on the bed in high-heels, but nope, she does not fell. Dakota Skye once again undressed her clothes and she did it like a pro. Clothes are now history and naked skin is the present. You can only imagine what happens next, or you can hit on the player above and see it for yourself. A lot of sexy and a lot of hot moments, a few different positions and cum in her.

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