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Cooper Hefner Takes You On A Tour Around Playboy Mansion

I am 99.99% sure that every single men on this (beautiful) planet once dreamt of being part of the Playboy, or at least spent a night or 25 at the Playboy Mansion. And all those 0.01%, you are either weird or you simply do not want to admit it and you are lying to yourself.
Anyway, Hefner’s youngest son, now 23 years old Cooper Hefner, takes you on a quick tour around the Playboy Mansion. Not only does he took us on a tour, but he also shares a few interesting memories from his childhood. For example, being a curious little kid, sneaking “downstairs” to see what is happening at the “Christmas” party. Or how he saw the iconic cave, the Grotto, as taken from one of Indiana Jones’ adventures. I am wondering how it was being a 13 year old kid playing in there. I am sure it was a lot of fun for Cooper Hefner, especially when he got a bit older. I believe all his schoolmates were mega jealous. Well, I am mega jealous!
But the cave is not Cooper’s favorite place, it is the game room. This is the place where he likes bringing his friends over to hang out, listen to music, play various “casino” games, or simply hang out in the Van room.
From epicness on the inside to epicness on the outside, take a tour with Cooper Hefner and take a peek what’s going on in and around Playboy Mansion.

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