Published on July 4th, 2018 | by LickIt

Cocoa Dickens Jogs, Stretches And Fucks Chocolate Meat

Hut ebony queen, Cocoa Dickens heads on a walk with her stepbrother to get some exercise done for her body. She wears super short shorts, with vagina almost popping out and a nice tank top. This dark goddess stretches and bends over and you know her stepbrother gets horny since he is sitting in the back and pretending he is checking out his phone.

When Cocoa is warmed up she decides to get some jogging done to keep their legs and ass in shape, like they are. Later, when she gets back, these two get back home, where Cocoa want a leg massage. Of course he gets into the masseuse position and massages her legs, her ass.

This is not all, Cocoa Dickens wants more and her stepbrother is there for her to please her. Soon all this jogging and massaging game gets more hot and way more horny. You know what I am talking about, don’t you? He licks her pink pussy, she blows his penis and soon after, she gets his chocolate meat in her twat.

Why I put stepbrother is quotes, is because you know he is not her real stepbrother, cause if he is, this is freaking weird. I know they are not blood-family, but hey, they are still family god damn it.

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