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Published on December 21st, 2018 | by LickIt


CockInASock Hash Tag For Testicular Cancer Awareness

The CockInASock hash tag is exploding lately, especially now, when it reached the United States. Guys are putting their cocks in socks and posting photos on the world wide web. It might sound kinda weird if you do not know the back story of it, but when you know what #CockInASock is all about you will say, What an incredible idea. And it really is an incredible idea. We have seen many goofing around with being but naked, wearing only a sock on their cock. But this time, they combined fun with seriousness and made something amazing.
So, what is the story behind this hash tag?
This is an actual movement to raise awareness for testicular cancer, started by the British nonprofit Cancer Research UK. What a brilliant idea to spread the word about it worldwide.
Thanks to all the social media these days, because with a great idea, you can really explode.
With their last week’s campaign #NoMakeUpSelfie they managed to raise $13 million already. I am guessing that CockInASock campaign will raise even more money. It must raise more money, even Facebook is letting all these photos on it’s platform, since it is usually putting down almost all nudity. Good job guys.
I threw together a few brave guys who put their cocks in socks and made their photos go live online. Not only guys, girls are also supporting the awareness for testicular cancer.

Get naked, pick a sock & use CockInASock hash tag!

Even a girls support #CockInASock.

If you are not doing it, make sure you give this guys some support by liking their Facebook page.

When I first found out how to check if you balls are OK I am checking them regularly. If you are a guy, you should also and if you do not know how to do it, search on the world wide web or contact you doctor. This is important!

Maybe I can help you out with this video:

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