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Published on August 31st, 2018 | by LickIt


Cindy Starfall Scores Driver’s License By Stroking The Instructor

Young and petite brunette Asian sweetheart, Cindy Starfall, is in desperate need of a driver’s license. She applies for it, thinking she is a superior driver, however, that is not really the case. In fact, Cindy turns out to be one of the worst drivers the instructor ever met. She even picks up the phone and answers the damn call mid test. Who in the world does even do that? Well, if you are as hot as Cindy is, you can do a lot of things and still win big times.

Just have this driver’s license test as an example. He would need to fail her after the first minute of driving, but he gives Cindy a few more chances because, you guessed it, the instructor is very attracted to her. He only wants to spend a few more moments with her although, at the same time, Cindy Starfall is pissing him off with her insanely bad driving skills.

When the time comes to finally decide whether Cindy passed or failed, it is quite obvious. Drivers like Cindy are very harmful and he is well aware of that. But then something unexpected happens. Cindy grabs him by the balls. Nope, he sure does not try and stop her. At all! The instructor does the complete opposite; he goes with the Cindy flow.

While warming things up and getting his cock rock solid, Cindy slowly strips down and shows him her salivating assets. No guy can resist such tempting body and such skilfull pair of hands. Bear in mind, they are still in the car at some random place, where Cindy Starfall handjob is shaking the ground.

Once she milks him until the point of no return, Cindy opens her mouth wide open and tries and catch as much jizz as she can.

Now then, did Cindy pass or will he give her another chance some other day?

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