Published on March 12th, 2019 | by LickIt

Chloe’s Column – Paige Ashley Is A Sexy Journalist

Who is ready for some English porn from sexy journalist Chloe aka Paige Ashley? We all are and if a blonde, hot and sexy milf is talking with some English accent, it makes everything even hotter. This is a section from Joy Bear’s full length video “Chloe’s Column.” Journalist Chloe goes on a quest to get the truth behind our extreme obsession with celebrities, but in many cases she looked a “little” too deep. Find out how deep she looking in the scene above.

Since I was searching like crazy who this girl, Paige Ashley, is I really need to mention this. It is sometimes really hard to find the real, or even the stage name of actress, or actor, but we are trying to do the best job and always find names. Usually titles on all these free porn web sites don’t say much about actors. I know they have the “suggest a porn” star section, but there are this times when nothing is helping and you need to go on a searching quest like Chloe went.

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